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Wrote this for tt_15_fics, while simultaneously watching "Field of Dreams." It's...odd. I don't like it too much, but...whatever. Wanted to experiment.

Anticipate something Robin-centric soooon!~


The voice was dulcet and discreet, but obviously aimed at her. Starfire's eyes flew open and she looked to the boy beside her who had not been sitting there moments before.

"Excuse me?"

"You were yawning. Not much for opera?"

Her mouth twisted. "Er, no. Forgive my rudeness; I hope that I did not disturb you."

"Maybe my nap, but no."


Silence settled on tiptoes. Then: "Who're you here with anyway? Santa's helper or Rosemary's baby?"


"Beast Boy or Raven. Don't tell me it's the tail-feathered golden boy."

A tone of irritation frosted over her words, the only tell of her discomfort. "Raven."

Pointedly, she turned back towards the stage. His face remained aimed towards her.

"Don't lie. I know you're dying to fall asleep."

"I am not."

"We could leave."

"...No, we could not."

"I know you want to."

"No, I most certainly do not!"

Her hair grazed Raven's shoulder as her head snapped towards her source of annoyance. "Please leave me alone!"


The growl was bit back with difficulty. "Because I am attempting to enjoy this opera!"


"That!-" Raven, quickly and efficiently, twined bits of magic around Starfire's wrists to keep her restrained. The alien could merely cut her most venomous glare to the seat next to her own, a faint glow lighting on her fingertips.

She breathed deeply.

"Please...leave me be."

Silence. Then misty breath flooding her ear canal.

"We could leave."

She did not turn.

She did not turn.

She turned, and...

The seat was empty, except for a small, folded note. She brought it to her Givenchy-sheathed lap, and unfolded it.

"Think about it, cutie." And an X, in red.

The curtain fell and the applause rippled throughout the theater.
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On March 16th, 2006 03:19 am (UTC), sexy_teen_titan commented:

OOH. Me likes. Good use of curtain. I think Red X and Starfire are a funny pairing. I'm mean, I'm UBER STROBIN FAN but it's an interesting pairing. Just like I'm Beastra AND Braven...and dare I speak it...SLAVEN!

Mwa ha.


I have issues. But I like the sotry and am wondering what happened to the community! Everyone died!

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On March 16th, 2006 10:54 pm (UTC), myystic commented:
Nice use of the WotW. I like your characterizations in this, though I have to wonder why X asked about Starfire's company when Raven was sitting right there.
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